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Oral Care Dental Pick Hygiene Set of 6 Pcs Dentist Tools Tooth Tartar Remover Picker Scaler Mirror Stainless Steel Teeth Clean Probe for Preliminary Dental Care

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  • PROFESSIONAL DENTAL TOOLS 6-IN-1 ORAL CARE KIT: Dental floss picks set Includes 1 dental mirror, 1 tweezers, 1 tooth scraper tool & stain remover, 1 dental scaler, 1 tartar remover and plaque remover specially designed for personal use after brushing your teeth daily, also useable for professional dental treatment.
  • ORAL CLEAN MATERIAL: Dental pick set made of high strength stainless steel with sterile coating, polished to a mirror finish, this rust-free oral dental kit is strong and sharp enough to remove plaque and heavy tartar in or between your teeth
  • ERGONOMIC & POWERFUL: Teeth cleaning tools dental instruments designed in different angles which is perfect for different sides of your teeth which is impossible for dental floss picks or tooth floss, good for removing tartar, freshening breath, whitening teeth, observing some hard to clean areas with toothbrush and toothpick.
  • ANTI-SLIP HANDLES Dentist Tool Kit: To improve security, all the dental picks teeth whitening kit tools are designed with anti-slip handles to increase friction and stability in operation with tools like dental scraper, dentist mirror, tooth scaler, plaque scraper and dental cleaning tools deduct the use of tongue scraper.
  • CONVENIENT: Dental hygiene kit comes with a zippered case to protect your tools from being scratched at all times. Teeth cleaning kit can be used to keep your pets teeth clean and refresh. Convenient for your cat and dog dental care.

Item Type: Oral Hygiene
Size: As per standards
Material: stainless steel
Scope of use: preliminary dental care
Specification: 17cm
Feature: Hygiene Explorer Probe
Feature1: Tools Tooth Stone Remover
Feature2: Teeth Clean
Quantity: 6pcs